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Do you have an at-home dental care routine for your pets? Whether you brush your dog’s teeth, or give you cat plaque fighting treats, it is important to practice at-home dental care for pets in between dental cleanings.


Tooth brushing is the most ideal form of at-home dental care for pets. Of course, this may be easier said than done. If possible, start early with your puppy or kitten. If you have adopted an older pet, or have not practiced tooth brushing with your dog or cat before, start with our simple tips.
Start by simply rubbing your finger along the outside of her mouth for 15 seconds to 1 minute every day for a week. Once she seems comfortable with this process, move on to rubbing her gums instead of the outside of her mouth. This may seem silly, but rubbing your pets gums helps acclimate her to you touching her mouth and it stimulates blood flow to the teeth as well. After another week or so of gum rubbing, try to introduce a pet toothbrush or use a fingerbrush (brush that slips on your index finger) instead. Use a pet toothpaste, like C-E-T Chicken-flavored Paste–available at Perrin-410. It is a great for helping with fighting tartar and the added flavor can make it more tolerable for your dog or cat.

Watch our basic dental care video here to see tooth brushing in action!

Dental Products for Pets/Brushing Alternatives

If the tooth brushing attempt didn’t go so well, or if you just can’t brush your dog’s or cat’s teeth every day,  you can help keep down tartar at home by using some of the great dental products offered for pet oral health. At Perrin-410 Animal Hospital, we recommend Biotene/Oratene dental care products for your at-home dental care for pets routine:

  • Breath Freshener Spray – a spray or drops that go directly into your dog or cat’s mouth to help with bad breath
  • Oral Maintenance Gel – a gel applied to the gum line to help remove plaque and odor causing bacteria
  • Mouthwash Drops- drops that go directly in your dog’s or cat’s water bowl to help fight plaque while they drink
  • C-E-T Oral Hygiene Treats for Dogs-  tartar-control treats
  • Hill’s Science Diet dental formula food- dog and cat food that helps keep down tartar while your pet eats

Not sure which products are most appropriate for your at-home dental care for pets needs? Come by or call any time for your pet’s free dental exam, and our doctors and staff will be happy to help you plan the right dental care routine for your pet!


Contact us to schedule a professional dental cleaning or a free dental exam for your pet! Or come in anytime 7am – 11pm, 7 days a week!

Dental care is an important component to your cat or dog’s overall health, so let us help you keep your pet’s mouth healthy and fresh!

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