Here at City Veterinary Hospital, we value you and your pet’s well being. You know your pet best, and we count on you to know when your pet is not acting herself or seems uncomfortable. It is important to us that you know how to keep your pet safe and healthy because your pet’s care starts at home.

It can be hard to know when your pal needs to come in for a visit. We have put together some information for you to help determine when it is necessary to come in and what you might expect at your visit. Each pet and each visit is special but we can share with you our most commonly seen ailments.

If you are unsure at any time, please do call us. We are here for you and your fur babies!

Skin Allergies

  • Excessive licking or chewing
  • Pawing at face and/or ears
  • Head shaking
  • Face rubbing

Ear Infections

  • Scratching or shaking of the head
  • Foul odor from ears
  • Ears that seem painful to the touch


  • Stiffness
  • Reluctance to rise, sit or use stairs

Upset Stomach

  • Diarrhea

Bed Wetting

  • Urine leakage when sleeping or lying down

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